Gems of Soviet architecture in almaty

Duration: 5-6 hours

Price: 30 USD per person


Almaty is a unique city with fascinating history, in 1997 it lost the status of the capital however this fact preserved the best examples of Soviet architecture. Let’s go see and understand the heritage of the past! 


During our extended walking tour, we will visit iconic spots of the city that played a big role in the 20th century. 


You will see: 

  • the very first hotel of Almaty built after WWII and ‘party’ area that formed around, 
  • First in Almaty Soviet hi-tech building, 
  • Ex-City Hall that is included in Top 100 of Soviet architecture, 
  • The biggest bathhouse in USSR 
  • Almaty’s art area, called ‘Artbat’ 
  • The main food market of the city rated as one of the most technological market buildings of the 70s’ 
  • Soviet memorial dedicated to the Heroes of WWII 
  • The first skyscraper in a seismic area in USSR 
  • Numerous fountains, mosaics, and sculptures from the Soviet epoch. 


If you still have the energy to go on we can take a taxi or metro and drive to another part of the city and take a walk around ‘exiled’ Soviet monuments of Lenin, Kalinin, and other big communist leaders. And at the end we can visit the last ambitious Soviet apartments’ complex, that had all chances to become the most comfortable district to live in.


What is included:

  • Guide

  • Taxi

  • Water

What to take:

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen

Almaty Soviet Architecture Tour on a map:

Soviet Architecture Tour Almaty